Too busy for God

August 7th, 2007

I was just over at the Ministry Today website and read an article about being too busy for God.

One of the things it found was that 6 out of 10 Christians surveyed said they were too busy in their daily lives to have time for God. They said they would like to spend more time with Him to develop their relationship, but work and life pressures crowd in.

The report even mentions many Pastors run from task to task and don’t have the time with God they would like. For me this is very sad.

My responsibility as a Pastor to my church is to grow in my relationship with God. If I am not spending time alone with God in prayer, worship and Bible reading, how can I continue to grow. And if I am not growing, how can I help others to grow themselves.

As Pastors and church leaders, our primary responsibility must be to walk closely with God and then help others to do the same. I know at times church and family pressures crowd in on us, but long term we need to be disciplined in blocking time out in our schedule for God and God alone.