What do Pastors do?

June 21st, 2007

Recently I posed the question, “What do Pastor’s do during the week?” on Ra’ah (Aussie Pastor’s Blog).

Anyway, I found some of the responses very helpful…

  • Mark Edwards from Beddford Baptist included his weekly schedule on his blog at Markedly. You can view it here
  • Wayne Field from Australind Baptist wrote about it on Ra’ah at this link
  • Mark also posted a great cartoon about what people think Pastor’s do here

If you want to see what a Pastor of a large church that has multiple venues does, you can visit Mark Batterson’s blog called evotional.com. You can view it here

Like most people we probably have a fair idea what our Pastor’s do, but we don’t really understand just how much time and effort they do put in to the job. It is definately not just a Sunday thing!

If you get a chance this week, why not email or call your Pastor to tell him how much you appreciate the work he does in your church and community. I am sure he will be happy to for the feedback!

God Bless,

Dave šŸ™‚