Selling up

June 12th, 2007

Another piece of the jigsaw fell into place yesterday. We received and accepted an offer on our house here in Perth. It is subject to the buyer receiving finance, but they are confident it will go through. My wife an I are very happy about this as we were prayerfully hoping to go to Merredin mortgage free and that looks like it is falling into place. Praise God!

One thing I have noticed during sale process is how many people cautioned us against selling our home in Perth. More often than not people said not to sell it. They were adamant it is something we shouldn’t do. We found only a couple of people actually asked what God wants us to do with our home…which in reality belongs to Him.

My wife and I are confident that selling was the right decision. Like all decisions we make we committed it to the Lord and asked for His clear guidance and wisdom. Part of that process of seeking God’s will was to “caste the fleece” and we asked the Lord to sell it by a certain date if it was His will. The offer and acceptance was one day before the date! As one of the leadership at Merredin said to me recently – God is never late!

So hopefully in about three of four weeks we will be able to move into our new (pre-loved) home in Merredin. It is slightly smaller than our home in Perth, but very comfortable and just what we were after.

God Bless,

Dave 🙂