Positions of strength

June 2nd, 2007

One thing that God has reminded me of lately is to make sure that I do not judge people from a position of personal strength. By this I mean looking at others areas of perceived weakness or lack of enthusiasm for a particular ministry and then judging them because they don’t get it or they are not involved.

For me that is sometimes hard when people don’t turn up to pray or to go out to evangelise. I love to pray and to get involved in outreach, but many find these things hard. It can be especially hard if you are committing lots of time, energy and money to something and people just don’t come on board. It is easy to fall into the trap of being harsh and a bit judgemental in our thinking!

God recently reminded me that prayer and evangelism were positions of strength for me. They are things that I have worked through and I am gifted in these areas. He also reminded me that there are other things that people do well and are gifted in, that I am not so good at. Just as I fell into the trap of judging from my position of strength, others might do the same for me.

So what is the key to all of this? What can you do if you fall into the trap of being judgmental from your position of strength?

1. I think the key is to do whatever God has called you to do and do it to the best of your ability. Focus your time and energy on the task at hand, rather than what others are or are not doing.

2. If you find yourself being harsh and judgemental about others non involvement, stop and confess it to God. Ask His forgiveness and ask Him to help you with this area in future.

3. Then ask God to show you areas where the other person/s are strong in and serving Him faithfully. When He does, give thanks for what they are doing. We need to remember that people do many things that we don’t see ie intercessory prayer.

If you have done these things and you still have the feeling that they should be involved, perhaps you might need to go and speak to them personally. Ask them if they would like to help. We need to remember that sometimes people need a personal invite and they might be just waiting for someone to ask.