Obedient puppy

May 22nd, 2007

Yesterday on my lunchtime stroll I walked past Kings Park tennis courts and saw the groundsman mowing the grass courts. There is nothing unusual about that, but this time he had his dog with him as he sat on his ride on mower.

It was great to see the joy and excitement this Kelpie had running along side the man as he drove up and down the courts. The dog would follow behind and watch the mower to see where it was going next. Once the dog worked out the direction, he ran full speed down to the other end of the court to wait for it to arrive. He would then watch and repeat the process.

As I watched this happen a few times a couple of things struck me. The first was the joy the dog had in following his masters direction and being with him. The second was that once he knew where he was going he ran with all of his energy to be where he was going.

In seeing this I couldn’t help but reflect on my own relationship with my Master. Was I like the obedient puppy? Was I that excited to be where the Master was? Was I only concerned in going where He was going? Do I run off with excitement to be where He is going to be?

How about you?  Is being with the Master your number one concern or priority? Are there other things competing with running to where to Master is? Is there a real joy and excitement in following the Masters direction like the obedient puppy?

Perhaps like me you could spend some time reflecting on this today…