Be true to your church

May 15th, 2007

Just read a great post over at Chuch Warnock’s Confessions of a small-church pastor.

He talked about being true to your church and its history, personality, and memory. One of the big mistakes he made as a new fresh faced young Pastor was to come in and change everything in the church and he tried to go against the “grain” of the church.

Looking back he said he would do a few things differently…

“What would I do differently now? I would listen to their stories. I would hear them talk about how God was at work in their lives. I would value the experience and vision God had placed there long before I arrived. I would try to understand who they were as a community of faith, and let them shape me in their walk with God. I would be true to the church God had nurtured and preserved”.

I found it an interesting read and very timely for me. It was one of those posts that really hit the spot. I thought I would pass it on. Here’s the link to the full article

God Bless,

Dave 🙂