More on God’s will

May 14th, 2007

Recently in a post I touched on feeling like I was in the middle of God’s will at the moment.

Yesterday at church I was talking to one of my great mates about it. I shared that it feels like I am in a boat on a lake and that when God takes me to the waters edge, I will step out and do whatever He wants me to do.

I was sharing how peaceful it is to be in this place and when you are here, nothing else seems to matter as much. Not income, not assets, not superannuation, not retirement…just God’s will.

Anyway, in my friends usual style he came up with a curly one. He said, “What if God doesn’t take you to dry land? What if He asks you to step out on the water and walk with Him?” Hmmm… thanks for the curly one AJ!

In thinking about it though, I will probably be ok if I kept my eyes on Jesus. When Peter walked on the water with Jesus, he only began to sink when the he looked around at the prevailing conditions and took his eyes off Jesus!