Salvation offering

May 10th, 2007

Something the Lord placed on my heart last weekend was to take up a salvation offering at the end of my message.

What I mean by salvation offering is asking the congregation to write down the names of people they are praying for to be saved. The list of people might include family, friends, workmates and neighbours.

Once the names were recorded on prayer cards, the church was then asked to hold them up and we prayed for them as a group of believers. We brought them to the throne and placed them before the Lord.

I prayed from the front and the church agreed the following things:

  • the Holy Spirit would move in their lives and draw them to Jesus
  • the Holy Spirit would convict them of their sin and show them their need for a Saviour
  • that the Lord would bring people around them to share the Gospel
  • the Lord would give us opportunities to share our faith with them

Once the group prayer has been made, we collect the cards and handed over to the prayer team. They would pray for them every time the meet for prayer and any time they are prompted to do so.

I really believe as the people are constantly covered in prayer that the Lord will work in their lives and bring them to the point of receiving Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Great things happen when we pray, but even greater things happen when we pray in unity! Over the coming months I expect to hear great testimonies of what the Lord has done as a result of unified prayer time.

God Bless,