Prayer for Evangelism notes

May 7th, 2007

Here’s the outline of the message I did in church yesterday. It is titled “Praying for breakthrough in evangelism”.

1. Pray for your environment

This is the place where you spend most of your time or you feel God wants you to impact. It might be your street, workplace or school.

  • pray it will be a place where God’s word can be openly preached
  • pray God will raise up workers to go out to the harvest field (Matthew 9:37)
  • pray that God will bind the powers and principalities controlling the area (Ephesians 6).

2. Pray for those around you

I find the best way to pray for people is to ask the Hold Spirit will move in their lives (see John 16). These are the people who are in your sphere of influence.

  • pray the Holy Spirit will draw them to Jesus
  • pray that He will show them their need for a Saviour
  • pray that He will show them their sin
  • pray that He will open their minds to the truth of the Gospel message

3. Pray for yourself

It is easy to forget to pray for yourself in when praying for breakthrough in evangelism. If you are reguarly out there on the front line you need to cover yourself too.

  • pray for God’s covering and protection as you go out
  • pray that God will give you the right words to say
  • pray that God’s peace will be with you when you share
  • pray that God will bring ripe people accross your path