Rain down

April 30th, 2007

It’s been great to hear the rain on the roof over the last month. It has rained more in Perth than it has in a long time. I think that we have even passed our monthly average rainfall. Something I haven’t heard of for a long while.

One thing I am conscious of as I hear the rain, is praying that it will reach the wheatbelt region east of Perth. God has really placed this region on my heart over the last 12 months and more so since we went up to Merredin a couple of weeks ago. Every shower we get in Perth I am praying that it continues east to get the wheatbelt towns. The towns need it, not to mention the farmers.

Over the next few days will you please join me in thanking God for the much needed rain in Perth. Please also pray that God brings it to those regions of Australia that are in severe drought.

The Bible tells us that when we pray and really seek God rain often follows. It is one of His many blessings. So let’s all join together and pray.

God Bless,