Strengths & weaknesses

April 5th, 2007

When I have attended job interviews in the past I have always been asked about what my strengths and weaknesses are. It is a simple question, but one I find it hard to answer. I find it easier to speak about my strengths and positive things about myself and harder to touch on my weak or negative points.

I think when we are thinking about this whole issue of strengths and weaknesses we tend to pick completely different things. For example we might say that we have great communication skills and we are not so good with organisation skills.

I have found though, that my strengths can also be my weaknesses at times. Here are some examples of what I mean…

  • Communication skills – if we highlight that we have excellent communications skills that would hold us in good steed for most jobs. However, if our focus is just communicating and thinking about what we are going to say, we might miss out on actually hearing what someone else is trying to say to us. Hmmm guilty of this at times!
  • Good decision making – I would consider myself a good decision maker. I pray through the issue and seek God’s wisdom, I look at it from all angels, seek wise counsel from friends and take my time coming to a conclusion. Conversely, sometimes I tend to mull things over a bit too long when the answer is right there in front of me.
  • Boldness – we can be bold in sharing our faith, bold at taking risks and bold in decision making. But again, we can become a bit too bold at times and fall into the trap of being overly confident and not considering all the risks. We often see this with “high flying” business people losing large amounts of money in ventures that were not fully considered.

Can you see what I am saying? Our strengths are our best points, but at times they can also be our weaknesses if we not exercising them in a proper way.

I think the key to exercising your strengths properly is to keep them before God in prayer. We need to ask God to help us in all we do and to give us wisdom in exercising our gifts and abilities that He has given us. We need to ask for a balanced approach so we don’t go too far in one direction so our strength actually becomes our weakness.

Here’s some homework for you to consider šŸ˜‰

  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Are they the same things or are they entirely different?