Walking her home

March 28th, 2007

Our local radio station Sonshine FM just played Mark Shultz’s song “Walking her home”.

This song traces the journey of a man who meets and falls in love with his wife as a young man. When he takes the young woman out the first time her father says to stay by her side and really look after her. It then mentions some major events through their lives together and finishes with him by her side on her death bed after 60 years of marriage.

Each time I hear this song it gets me. Something deep inside me wants to share this with my wife Larissa. I long to share the events of daily life, build great memories and be together right until the end of our lives in old age. God willing it will be 60 years or more together.

In these days of throw away marriages I am so glad God brought us together. Each day I am thankful for my wife and family. I am truly a blessed man 🙂