Road foundations and ministry

March 13th, 2007

The last week or so there have been road works on the way I drive to work. I always find it interesting how deep they have to dig down to provide a strong foundation for the road that goes on the top.

On this section they dug out four feet (120cm) of dirt. Laid a few of feet of limestone, watered in and compacted it a number of times. Then came the brown clay type dirt which was watered and compacted. Finally today they were doing the road base (blue metal rocks) and were compacting that. In a few days they will probably finish with the three or four inches of bitumen to finish off the road.

Isn’t it funny that the part we drive our cars on is only three or four inches thick, but to make that strong enough the foundation has to go down four feet or so. It is a bit like the old ice berg principle. Much more is under the surface than what we actually see.

In thinking of this it reminds me of the ministry we do. We build a strong foundation of Bible study and prayer. The deeper we go and more time we spend on our foundation, the stronger and more resilient our ministry will be.

Like a road, the constant “traffic” can wear on us and cracks might start to appear of the surface. If our foundation is strong, only a small repair is often all that is neccesary. All that might be needed is a few days off, a prayer from a friend or a listening ear. However, if our foundation is shallow the repairs might need to be more significant and take more time.

How is your foundation? Is it deep and strong and built on the Bible and prayer? If it has served you well in the past…is it strong enough for the work you are planning to do in the future? Or could it use a bit more work? What about the surface…are cracks starting to appear? What have you got in place to repair the cracks?