Wheatbelt whistlestop tour

March 12th, 2007

Last weekend my wife, kids and I did a quick tour of the Western Australia Wheatbelt region. This was partly in response to my post the other day about “the theme of change” and we have had a “feeling” about some of the towns in the area for a while and wanted to finally check them out.

Apart from the beautiful scenery and the endless space, one thing that stuck in my mind was the price of homes in some of the towns. For less than $160,000 you can get a great four bedroom home with lots of features. In some case for as little as $120,000. In Perth these homes would be $400-600,000 depending on the suburb!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I would love to go to a country town and plant a church from scratch. Just the thought of a interacting with the local people, building relationships and reaching those who would not normally attend church sounds very appealing.

I guess time will tell if that is a passing daydream or it really is something that God wants us to do as a family!