Five minutes after

February 28th, 2007

Over the years I have had a lot of conversations with friends about my faith in Christ and my hope for heaven. Some of my friends have shared my faith, others have not.One line of thinking that always seems to come up is what happens if we die and then there is nothing. They say that I would have wasted my life believing in something that is not real. I would have given money to church and other charities, I would have tried to live by a high moral “code” and I would given my life to serve others and it would be all for nothing. It would have been a life wasted.

For me obviously, I don’t believe that is the case. I am a very firm believer that all the Bible says is true. I believe there is a God who created this world we live in. I believe that Jesus came and died on the cross for my sin so I could be in relationship with God in this life and be assured I will spend eternity in heaven when I die. And lastly I believe God has work for me to do while I am here.

One thing that I always tried to bring into the conversation with my friends is that five minutes after we die we will find out. Either there will be nothing and that will be the end of us, or we will find that heaven and hell are real places and once we find ourselves in that position it will be too late to decide. Our fate will already be decided.

So where are you today? Do you have a strong and vibrant faith in Christ and a hope for the future? Or are you not sure if there is anything after death? Today I would encourage you to do two things…

  1. Read the Bible and find out about Jesus Christ. Find out who He is and what He has done for you. You can do that by viewing this online Bible by clicking here ; and
  2. Visit our “Peace with God” page to find out how you can come into relationship with God now and know that you will spend eternity in heaven with Him when you die.