Speaking in

February 26th, 2007

Who speaks into your life? Have you got people around you that are in your inner circle that advise or counsel you?

Personally, I have found that the more I move on in life and ministry, the more important it is to have good people around you that speak into your life. You need to have people or an “inner circle” that you trust who will advise you, people you can pray with and those who you can bounce ideas off.

Many times over the years having this close group of people around me have really helped me in making big decisions. Having their counsel, wisdom and prayer has been invaluable. My recent decision to return to Bible College was bounced off my inner circle and they confirmed it was the next thing for me. One person in particular helped me to decide the college I would study at.

If you haven’t got this in place I would encourage you to seek out some people and ask them if they would be interested. If you are a Christian is there anyone at your church you admire? Perhaps your Pastor, an elder or other mature Christians who might fit the role?

From my experience it really makes a huge difference to your daily life and any ministry you are involved in.