Leadership for kids

February 20th, 2007

This morning did I another lesson with my kids for school. This time we touched on the area of being a leader. I thought this was timely as both of my girls are getting to point where they might be assistant leaders in children’s church in the next few years.

As usual a nice simple lesson is the key. One which spoke to me after I wrote it!

1. Leaders follow their leaders

Leaders have someone who teaches them. They watch and learn from the leaders God has put in charge of them. Samuel watched and served Eli before he was put in charge.

2. Leaders ask God how to lead the people

Moses kept asking God how and where to lead the people. He did this by praying to God and waiting for an answer. He then did what God told him to do.

3. Leaders serve the people

Jesus came to be our Saviour, but He also came to serve us. Jesus even washed peoples feet! Jesus told his followers that if they want to be first, they should aim to be a servant of all.

We then finished with some questions which they answered…

  • Who are three leaders God has given you?
  • How do you ask God what to do?
  • What is one way you can serve your leaders at church?