Checking the connection

February 15th, 2007

My car wasn’t starting like usual today. It was taking a bit longer and turned over a few times before it fired. Being the mechanical man I am I went and looked under the bonnet. Hmmm yep that’s the engine I thought to myself!

After some close inspection and doing all the manly things like checking the leads and water and other stuff, I realised that the battery lead was loose and there was a bit of corrosion around the terminals. It seems the leads had become corroded and things had built up on the terminals and the spark is not what it should be. The charge was not getting through.

As I thought about this I realised the connection of our battery and leads are a lot like our connection with God. At times things can come in and crowd out our time with God and other things can build up and reduce the spark in our lives. Like our cars, we might need a tune up and a service every now and then. Instead of booking in to our local car service centre we might need to check in with God and ask how we are going.

Today I want to ask you how is your connection with God? Are you firing on all cylinders or is your spark less than it should be? Perhaps it is time for a spiritual check up?

Here’s some questions you might like to ask yourself…

  • How is my Bible reading going?
  • Am I having regular time alone with God?
  • Is my worship alive and vibrant in my heart?
  • Am I enjoying spending time with other Christians?
  • Am I active in sharing my faith?
  • Am I growing and moving forward or just going through the motions?

If one or more of these areas are not what they have been or your not making that connection with God you might like to pray this prayer.

Dear Lord,
Help me to restore my connection with You. I pray and ask that You will be with me right now. Help me to spend time alone with You each day. Help me to spend time in Your Word. I pray that You will help me to prioritise my time and energy to put You first in all I do. Please restore my joy in my salvation and help me to be effective in sharing my faith with those around me. I pray that my worship will be alive and vibrant and that I will enjoy spending time with other Christians. Help me not to just go through the motions any more. Revive me Lord I pray. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen

If you are reading this and you haven’t made that initial connection with God, I would encourage you to visit this page to find Peace with God today.