Just live it

January 1st, 2007

Each year I try to have a Bible verse for the year which really speaks to me and I also try to have a theme or a phrase that reflects where I am at. My theme for this year is “just live it”.

In my reflective times over the past few weeks, I stumbled across a book I read about Pastor David Yongi Cho from Korea. His story inspired me about ten years ago and I thought I would look it up again.

When Yongi Cho finished his Bible training all of his classmates received offers to go and lead churches in Korea. He didn’t receive any offers and his college professors told him he was not really cut out to be a preacher and to go and get a normal job. Yongi Cho did not believe this was right because he felt he had a calling on his life.

He decided to go and start a church in a slum area of his city. Right from the beginning he acted and spoke like he was a pastor of a large church of about 3000 people. When he preached he spoke at the top of his voice so the people right a the back could here him. In reality there were only five people sitting on the floor in front of him! But he saw 3000 plus people eagerly listening to his message in his minds eye.

These days things have grown for Yongi Cho. His church is currently listed as having 750,000 members. I believe the seeds of this church was sown in what he could “see” many years before in the slums. He saw a large vibrant church where people lives were getting changed and they were serving God faithfully.

For me this story rings true. Somethings inside me resonates when I read about it. I can “see” certain things in my future that I believe God has placed in my heart. I have faith and belief these things will come to pass. I thank God there are a few people around me who see the same thing too.

How about you? Are you someone who has got a vision from God burned deep within your heart and mind? Are there things that you just can’t put down and you are almost compelled to undertake?

If that is the case I would encourage you to “just live it” out this year. Act and walk and talk as if these things have already come to pass. Believe in faith that God has already made them reality. If your vision really is from God, it is just a matter of time before you will see it happening right in front of you.