Reactions to Christ’s birth

December 22nd, 2006

While I was reading through the book of Matthew this morning and as I got to chapter two I started to think about the different reactions to Christ’s birth. Various groups and people had different thoughts about His birth and why He came.

The Magi

The Magi recognised that Jesus was the promised Saviour and that He came to save us from our sins. They came to Him and bowed down and worshiped Him. They offered gifts fit for a king.

King Herod

Herod was greatly disturbed and threatened by the birth of the King of the Jews. He was worried that would destroy his power and kingdom.

The Religious Leaders

The religious leaders of the day were too busy with their “religious” duties to even notice that Jesus was born. They didn’t really notice until He began to have a following.

As I thought about these three reactions I realised that it seems for some people not much has changed.

How about you?

Which camp are you in? Are you someone who will recognise the King? Will you be threatened by the King who wants to be your Saviour? Or will you be too busy to even noticed the true meaning of Christmas?

My hope and prayer is that you will stop this Christmas and take some time to remember that Jesus really is the reason for the season. He is not a threat. He just wants to be in relationship with you and save you. After all, that is the reason why He came.