Mentoring and motivation

December 18th, 2006

Recently a funny thing has happened to me in regard to motivation. My motivation for my weight training has increased again. You see I have been doing weights for about 20 years. Nothing super heavy, just light to medium to keep toned and a reasonable amount of strength.

While I really enjoy doing weights and the way it makes me feel afterwards, at times my motivation slips and I just go through the motions to get my routine done. I still train consistently through those times, but it just doesn’t have that same joy as usual.

Recently my 15 year old nephew has wanted to get into weight training. He is an aspiring AFL footballer and wants to build up some strength and size. After a brief discussion I gave him some weights and a routine to get him started. He happily took them and went away all pumped up about starting his routine.

The funny thing is that when I started to help or mentor him in a sense, my own motivation and enjoyment of weights started to increase again too. Suddenly I found myself writing myself a new routine and getting up before work to do it [yes I know that is psycho but hey!].

As I thought about this I realised that no matter what we do in life it can become stale and we feel like we are going through the motions. However, if we take the time to share our knowledge and skills with someone else, we can both benefit. They other person gets the benefit of your skills and knowledge and you get the benefit of their enthusiasm and motivation.

How are you going at the moment? Are you going through a time of low motivation? Do you just feel like you are going through the motions? If so, why not look around for someone to impart your skills into and start to mentor them. You might just find like I did that your love and motivation for your hobby or vocation returns too!