The prodigal dog

November 10th, 2006

Not too long ago my in-laws lost their much loved dog Rollie. He got out of his yard and then ran down to the main road and got hit by a car. Thankfully he was not injured too badly, but unfortunately he ran off and was lost.

They put up posters at all the local shops and on street poles with a contact number. Every few days they would receive a call from different people saying they saw him here or there, but he ran from them and they couldn’t catch him. These calls all headed in a direction that were further and further away from his home.

One Thursday night they got a confirmed call that he was near his local service station in some bush land. Needless to say everyone rushed in the pitch black with torches to bring him home. They searched and searched and searched, but only caught glimpses in the darkness.

The next morning several of us went up there and to have another go. I decided to sit and pray and to ask God where he was, while a family friend searched with his the dog’s brother Mack. Before long we sighted Rollie. Rollie saw his “brother” Mack and ran towards him and with a quick grab he was safely picked up and placed in a waiting car. A quick phone call was made to his family. It was one of tears of joy as the lost family member had been reunited.

This experience reminds me of my own story. As a child I had an interest in God from Scripture classes at school, but I never really made a commitment to Him. For many years I strayed through the world alone – I was suffering and lost heading away from home.

All the time I strayed, God was looking out for me and sending people out into the darkness to find me. Friends and workmates all tried to sway me to head in God’s direction. I didn’t want a bar of it. But God never gave up!

On Saturday the 21st of July 1989 I was sitting on my bed reading a pamphlet that explained God’s love for me. This simple pamphlet called “A journey into life” told me of God’s love for me and that I strayed from Him. It also told me that I need to come home. At 7.10pm while sitting on my bed I gave my life to Jesus Christ and since then He has been my constant companion. Like Rollie I was reunited with someone who loved me and wanted to take care of me.

How about you? Have you been wandering through this life alone? Are you feeling lost and that you are moving further and further away from “home”? Why not turn to God today. You can do this by visiting this page