The benefits of knowing Jesus

September 28th, 2006

I was sitting down and reflecting this morning about how my life has changed since I have come to know Jesus. I got a pen and a piece of paper and wrote down a few things I came up with in a couple of minutes. They are in no particular order, this is just how they came out.

I am not alone anymore

For most of my life I felt alone. Even in a large crowd or with my friends and family around me I felt empty and alone. Since knowing Jesus this feeling has subsided and slowly gone away.

My bad attitudes have changed

I had so many bad attitudes about myself, about those around me and about life in general. Since coming to know Jesus and reading the Bible my attitudes have changed and are being changed daily. Slowly but surely God’s attitude are replacing my own.

Eternal destiny is sorted out

Most of us think we will go to heaven if we do more good than bad in this life, but we are not really sure. The Bible tells me that because I know Jesus personally I will live for eternity with Him. Knowing rather than hoping gives me peace.

Life is not just about me

For much of my life it has been about me, me, me. Since knowing Jesus and learning from His teachings, I have found this life it not just about me…it is about us. Living outwardly is the key to being happy and contented in this life.

Forgiven and set free

I had done some pretty “average” things in my life to say the least. When I took all of my sin to God for the first time I felt a huge sense of relief and a huge weight lifted off me. Knowing that the Creator of the universe loves you, accepts you and has forgiven you gives you a great sense of freedom.

How about you? How has your life changed since you came to know Jesus? What the benefits you have found?

If you haven’t taken the step of meeting Jesus and asking Him into your life, please click visit my “Peace with God” page and begin your journey with Jesus today.

Like I did, in the years to come I am sure that you will find it is the best thing you have ever done!