Sleepless in Perth

September 16th, 2006


It’s 3.37am and I am awake! That is not uncommon for me as I am one of those strange people that only needs about five or so hours of sleep per night. When I tell people that they are usually horrified and they tell me that unless they get their eight hours every night they are a mess!

Sleep is a funny thing. We all seem to have our natural patterns of sleep. Some need more and some need less. My wife and kids are good sleepers. They are more towards the eight to nine hours per night. If they don’t get that they seem to be tired for a few days.

For me, I have to make sure I don’t go to bed too early otherwise I will be awake in the middle of the night. Hmmm like now! In years gone by I would stare at the roof and get frustrated about not being able to get back to sleep. I would roll over and over and toss and turn. Now I actually enjoy it!

It is a good chance for me to get up and spend some quiet time alone. I can pray, read or just spend some time thinking about life and my faith. It is a good chance to get things sorted in my mind. After an hour or two or three, I usually start to get tired again and head off to bed and drift off. Sometimes that last hour or two of sleep is so deep that I feel like I have been asleep all night.

So how about you – what are your sleep patterns? Do you need 8-10 hours a night? Or are you one of those strange zombie people like me? I would be interested to know…