One go

January 7th, 2013

I have been really conscious of death lately. I have heard of a number of people dying both that I know and in the media.

It has really brought to the front of my mind how we only get one go at this life. We are here for a time and then when we die we spent eternity with God or separated from Him.

Like most people I want to live a long healthy life and spend time with my loved ones and doing the things I enjoy. I also want to make a positive impact for God’s Kingdom on this earth.

As I type though I am conscious that today might be might last day or Jesus might return today. I am not being morbid, just aware that our lives are brief compared to eternity (Psalm 90:12).

I think it is good to be conscious that our days are numbered by the Lord. It helps me to keep focussed on those things that are important to me. My faith, my family, my hobbies and making a positive impact for God’s Kingdom.

God Bless,

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