Discipline – why bother?

July 28th, 2011

One of the short books I have to read for one of my units this semester is “Spiritual Disciplines” by Reid S Monaghan.

The first chapter is called “Discipline – why bother”? It grabbed my attention and drew me in on the first page…

“Discipline. What to make of it? We know its value, but seldom like to submit to her rule. The cyclist who wins the multiple titles in the Tour de France knows her well. The artist who has taken years to develop his craft is a sure acquaintance. Whether Lance Armstrong or a Leonardo Da Vinci, discipline is the constant companion of human progress wherever it is found. Yet there is a mood in our generation which despises the mere mention of the word discipline. We are a “me-centered,” get it now, don’t want to wait, self-obsessed, hope it all comes real easy sort of people. This is the cultural air we breathe and the water in which we swim. Some of you reading this may even think this is too long to read; you may become lazy and quit a few paragraphs in. Don’t. For a lack of discipline creeps into our spiritual lives as followers of Jesus and the result is a dead and boring faith. Knowledge and relationship with the infinite God and just bored; well that just sort of sucks, so please keep on reading.

It may be a little obnoxious to say, but it is real easy to forget that the word discipline and disciple are very close relatives. They actually both come from the Latin word disciplina which means teaching or learning. To be disciplined means to be dedicated to learning and a disciple is a learner, a follower, one who believes…”

If you are interested in reading more, you can grab a free ebook version here.

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